This is a prototype of a nanopublication validation tool.  Cut-n-paste your Trig RDF in the box below, and will check your nanopublication syntax and semantics.

Or check out these pre-defined examples:

Note that the validator is still under development... please check back soon.

syntaxPaste or edit your RDF above and press Validate
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  1. Stian Soiland-Reyes says:

    @prefix : .
    @prefix pav: .
    @prefix np: .
    @prefix xsd: .

    { :nanopub a np:Nanopublication ;
    np:hasAssertion :G1 ;
    np:hasSupporting :G3 ;
    np:hasAttribution :G2 ;
    np:hasProvenance :G2 . }
    :G1 { :malaria :isTransmittedBy :mosquito }
    :G2 { :G1 pav:authoredBy :SirRonaldRoss ;
    pav:authoredOn "1897-12-18"^^xsd:dateTime ;
    pav:createdBy :StianSoilandReyes ;
    pav:createdUsing ;
    pav:createdOn "2012-03-21T14:10Z"^^xsd:dateTime ;
    pav:importedFrom . }
    :G3 { :malaria :isTransmittedBy :plasmodium .
    :plasmodium :isTransmittedBy :mosquito. }

    For some reason validating the above tells me “Check supporting evidence exists: use of the nschema#hasSupporting predicate”, even though check 7 looking for attribution passes. Similarly “Check attribution exists: use of the nschema#hasAttribution predicate” fails, even though both “Check that there is at least one triple defined in the attribution” and “Check that there is at least author listed in the attribution with pav:authoredBy” passes.

    The namespace required for PAV is for PAV 1.2, any reason why it does not accept PAV 2.0, prefix ?

  2. Tobias Kuhn says:

    People who need to validate their nanopubs might be interested in this alternative validator for nanopublications that I have created based on the nanopub-java library.


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