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This year, at SWAT4LS 2012, we celebrated the kick-off of the community website. This was done in a friendly pub where everyone could discuss, share, critique and learn about nanopublications. All resources and information were provided freely by the growing community of nanopublication developers and data publishers.

SWAT4LS hosted the very first Nanopublication competition: to join is easy! Look around on this website, browse the resources below and get a feel of what nanopublications are about. You will probably get some ideas about how nanopublications could be applied in your field, on your data or for your software platform.

Tell us about your idea on or before November 30 and receive your nanopublication beer-mug Best idea wins the iPad mini! Moreover, all submissions and participants (at your option) receive mention in a special issue edition of the Journal of Web Semantics (JWS link). Moreover, the winner will be given ample opportunity to expand on his nanopublication idea in a separate JWS article. For the competition we welcome any and all kinds of submissions:

  • a short description of your nanopublication-related idea
  • a (sketch of) a nanopublication model for your data set
  • a mock-up of a software application that uses nanopublications
  • a SPARQL query on an (hypothetical) nanopublication dataset
  • a suggested addition to the nanopublication guidelines
  • a suggested section or tool for site
  • a constructive criticism on the fundamental nanopublication principle
  • … anything else!
To participate, send your idea with any attachments, to:
The small print:
  • the winner will be chosen based on the criteria of creativity, originality, technical soundness, feasibility, applicability, etc.
  • the winning submission may excel in one of these criteria, or conversely, meet all criteria in a small way (at organizer’s discretion)
  • the winner will be awarded the main prize at the closing ceremony (see SWAT4LS agenda)
  • in order to win you have to be present at the SWAT4LS venue
  • nanopub beer-mugs will be available to the first 36 participants

For inspiration, consider the following resources:

Or visit one of our presentations at SWAT4LS:

  • Erik Schultes: Nanopublications for the life sciences (afternoon time-slot); here is an abstract
  • Mark Thompson: Placing landMarks in the Knowledge Space: crowd-sourcing landmark publications for benchmarking text-mined predictions: available here
  • Jesse van Dam: Towards Computational Evaluation of Evidence for Scientific Assertions with Nanopublications and Cardinal Assertions
  • SWAT4LS nanopub poster abstract

Last but not least, come talk to us on the SWAT4LS workshop, hackathon, or tutorial days! Also, find us near our posters. We will be happy to talk to you about your nanopublication questions and ideas!